It’s a been a busy couple of months for Wafer.

We’ve completed voice record and the mix of a series of short films for BBC Bitesize. Produced by Factory Films, the series will be online in a couple of weeks.

Jimmy Doherty has been in the studio a couple of times to record for Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped’ If you want to know all about Craft Beer or Parmesan cheese, then check out the series!

Paul has been studio hopping and has been mixing international versions of “Dr. Strange’; ‘Fantastic Beasts’; ‘Allied’ and ‘Moana’ at Pinewood, Deluxe media and Shepperton.

Looking forward to the month ahead as we’ve got some ‘Boj’ reunions going on. We’re in the studio with Jason Donovan, Dave Benson Phillips, Josie Taylor and Dan Chambers to record and mix 10 radio adventures for CBeebies.