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Wafer offers voice recording and sound post production through to the final mix to picture. Wafer also provides training in podcast production and ProTools production.

Voice Recording

Our record room is the perfect space for voice over, actors, vocals and acoustic instruments. The design of the room, the Neumann microphone and Decca preamp will give your recordings a wonderful natural, warm sound. The mix room is fully equipped with ProTools and is a great space in which to direct your session. We recently recorded the voices and Foley for CBeebies TV series ‘Tee + Mo’.

Voice record & edit £65 + VAT ph

Post Production

Foley Recording; Sound Effects Tracklay; Final Mix to Picture; Multi-language Localisation. We do it all. The fact that we have Pro Tools, powerful plug-ins and a comprehensive library of sound effects goes without saying. We have over 20 years experience in mixing creative sound effects heavy animation titles – most recently ‘Tee+Mo’ for CBeebies; ‘Pirata + Capitano’ for Channel 5; offsite dialog mixing for Disney, Pixar, Paramount, Warner Bros. and Marvel; documentary work for the BBC and Sky, dynamic ads and trailers.

Sound Post Production £65 + VAT p/h


Wafer offers 2 training programs run by Paul James. Paul has been a professional sound engineer for over 20 years and brings the wealth of his knowledge to these programs in a relaxed, fun, but very informative way.

Podcast Production

A one day group training program held at the studio with up to six attendees. The course covers: microphone choice for different recording environments; microphone technique; acoustics and noise control; which recording devices to use; how to record, edit, multitrack, mix and export using Audacity software. The course includes a workshop where attendees create their own podcast. It’s hands-on, fun and informative and equips you with everything you need to know to make your own podcast.

£150 per person

ProTools Training

This is a one-on-one training day held at the studio and is perfect for beginners to advanced users. The course is geared to the attendees requirements and can cover every aspect of audio production using ProTools – the industry standard for recording, editing and mixing sound. Includes voice and foley sound recording and mixing to picture.

£300 for a full days training

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