It’s been a busy couple of months for us here at Wafer, with a fantastic array of voice and sound projects to get our teeth stuck into!

Top of the list is that we are very excited to have just started voice record, sound design and final mix on 50 x 7 minute Tee & Mo episodes for Brighton based animation company Plug-in Media. The series will be aired on CBeebies next Spring. Narrated by Lauren Laverne, it’s set in the jungle, stars a pair of monkeys, has lots of great music and is a beautiful show exploring the relationship between parent and child.

Matt Tebbutt was in the studio to voice 2 new delicious episodes for the Channel 4 series ‘Food Unwrapped’.

Dr Jack Lewis was in to record ‘Secrets of the Brain’, which is the latest of his fascinating series produced for Sky TV. The 10 episodes will explore how the brain works by meeting people with ‘amazing brains’.

Journalist Gelareh Darabi came in to voice an eye opening episode of the environmental show ‘EarthRise’ for Al Jazeera TV.

Paul has been mixing more international cinema releases, including a version of Alien’s Covenant and still finds the alien as terrifying as he did 30 years ago. Who doesn’t?

We have also put the finishing touches to the brilliant Boj Radio, which you can catch at

Journalist Gelareh Darabi

Journalist Gelareh Darabi for Al Jazeera TV

Matt Tebbutt from the Channel 4 program Food Unwrapped

Matt Tebbutt Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped’